5 June 2013

Beady Eye On Liam Gallagher

Beady Eye's Andy Bell and Gem Archer have spoken to the NME about band member Liam Gallagher.

Gem Archer said "When people actually meet Liam they have a different opinion of him. You get into a cab and the driver says, 'You know what, I had Liam in and he's a really top fella'. Liam's an icon, so wherever you go people will say hello to him. He'll spend all night having his photo taken with kids and fans - that side of Liam isn't reported on."

Andy Bell added "Obviously Liam is perceived as a bit of a cartoon character. There are a lot of preconceptions about him. But that's not the Liam I know. I know a different guy. But that's not to say those sides to him aren't there..." The NME is on sale now.


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