11 June 2013

Beady Eye On The New Album 'BE'

Beady Eye's Gem Archer and Andy bell have spoken about the mindset between going into your second album from their debut Different Gear, Still Speeding that was released in 2011.

Gem Archer told Clash Magazine "With [the debut] we wanted to play some rock 'n' roll and it was just about getting moving after the band had split - if we'd have left it too long we would have probably got the fear. Now this one sounds like our considered opinion.

Andy Bell said "We were just frantic coming out of Oasis and we just wanted to get moving, and we had a bunch of tunes that we were already ready to do and wanted to build a live set, because we didn't want to do Oasis tunes straight away - we wanted to be Beady Eye and start off and make that an entity of its own. So making the album, you hear it: you can feel that franticness in it, you can feel the fact we are almost reeling a little bit. But these are not necessarily bad things, you know?"

Clash Magazine is on sale now.


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