16 June 2013

Beady Eye On The New Album, Demos And More

Beady Eye interview excerpt from Clash Magazine.

There were a lot of songs demoed. How many did you originally have, and what happened to them all?

Andy: Well, at the end of our demos we had twenty-one things but they weren't all songs. One of them was just sort of noises...

Gem: That was the thing that kind of hooked [Dave]. We sent him five songs and he went, 'These are really strong, have you got any more?' So we thought we should send him the lot, because you should be open. And in amongst that there was a thereemin solo and he went, 'Right, you guys' songs are really strong - do you want to go there?' We went, 'Absolutely', and he went, 'Perfect!' Because he didn't know if we were going to be precious and uptight or 'this is how it is', you know? That was it. And then we attempted to record them all in five weeks.

Andy: That was the only battle, really, being up against it with the time in the studio. Dave was trying to get the number of songs down to cut his workload down but we just wouldn't let him do it. Towards the end of every week he just kind of said, 'You know guys, over the weekend can you have a little think about the priorities?' And we would be like, 'Yup'.

Gem: Until the fourth week in and he was like, 'Can you guys make a fucking list?!' And we thought, We've only got one more weekend to put him off and we will have done the lot!'

Andy: We came out with eighteen.

Gem: 'Second Bite Of The Apple' was the last song to be recorded. Initially it was Liam going, 'Fuck it, we're doing the lot, man, because you never know.' And that's the point of working with a producer: the possibilities are there, everything is up for grabs, and you just don't know until you get your hands dirty.

Liam: It was a good song, but if we hadn't have kept at doing it, it wouldn't have turned out like that. You've got to give every song a chance, because shit can happen. You can bring it in dressed like summat, and it can come out dressed like summat else.

So it surprises you as much as it does anyone else?

Liam: Yeah. The first idea might not be the best idea - it might be your third or your fourth. And we're up for that, man, we've always been up for that. In Oasis it wasn't so much - it was pretty much: 'This is if, boom, 'That's it', and that's what we do. But with Beady Eye, the world is our oyster, man. We can do what the fuck we want, because we're all for going with the flow, you know what I mean?

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