21 June 2013

Beady Eye Play Brilliant Gig At London's Camden Centre

Having just reignited his famous feud with Robbie Williams on the first night of Beady Eye's short UK tour, Liam Gallagher is still very much the swaggering, sharp-tongued frontman we know and love.

Last night (20th June), in the same week as Robbie's four massive shows at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium, an understandably envious Mr Gallagher and his band were again playing a much smaller venue.

But don't feel blue Liam – bigger doesn't always mean better.

Feeling: London's Camden Centre is the hottest town hall in the country tonight, for more reason than one. It's absolutely sweltering and there wasn't a dry sideburn in sight.

There are Liam lookalikes everywhere and the rowdy atmosphere is reminiscent of the Oasis glory days everyone in the room (including the main man) really miss.

Look: It's a simple setup, but if you were hoping for lasers and smoke cannons you're really at the wrong show.

LG is rocking his Pretty Green clobber and somehow keeps his parka jacket zipped up right to the top. So cool he defies heat.

Source: www.mtv.co.uk


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