29 June 2013

Liam Gallagher Enjoys A Quiet Pint Before Glastonbury Appearance

He swore he would never play Glastonbury again after headlining with Oasis nearly ten years ago – but yesterday Liam Gallagher's Beady Eye kicked off events at the festival.

With the words "Get in" and a moment of silence while he surveyed the crowds, the singer launched into Flick Of The Finger, the first song to be heard on the Other Stage at Worthy Farm this year.

Despite the relatively early hour and the mud underfoot, thanks to a downpour of rain that lasted all night, thousands of people turned out to see the band. Their performance was unbilled but Gallagher had dropped heavy hints about it on his Twitter account.

Although the Mancunian was wearing sunglasses, they were mostly not needed as grey clouds hovered over the Somerset site, with the sun trying to break out.

The biggest cheers came for Oasis hit Rock 'N' Roll Star and, perhaps aptly for the time of day, What's The Story Morning Glory, which turned into a mass singalong.

Fan Hayley Storey, 30, from Leeds, said: "We only came this way because we wanted a beer – we'd not heard they were playing. It's a great way to open the festival. I'm so glad they did Oasis stuff too."

Chris Goode, 35, from Greenwich, south-east London, said: "It was quite a surprise to see them. It was just luck. I didn't think Liam would be up this early in the morning. I bet he's not even been to bed yet."

It seems the singer was also surprised to be awake, grumbling to the crowd at one point: "11.30 in the ******* morning."

But he later added: "It's never too early for a bit of rock and roll echo."

He had previously complained about the sound system at the festival after Oasis played on the Pyramid stage in 2004.

Gallagher apologised to festival goers for making their headaches worse if they had one, and told them with his typical swagger as the set came to a close: "You've been amazing. But not as good as us.

"Have a good day, weekend, life."

His partner, Nicole Appleton, was among those watching. at the side.

Before his appearance at the festival, Gallagher stunned locals at a Somerset pub when he stopped in for a pint. He popped in to the Crossways Inn at Burnham-on-Sea where he sought out a corner of the room for a low-profile drink.

The pub's Jaime Wallace said: "Liam and another person spent about an hour having a drink in a quiet corner of the pub.

"He certainly took us by surprise, but it was great to see him here on his way to the festival."

Source: www.thisissomerset.co.uk


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