5 June 2013

Liam Gallagher On Getting Tickets To The Chelsea Flower Show

Liam Gallagher has been asked by the NME if the story he tried to get tickets to Chelsea Flower Show are true.

The singer said "Have I fuck. Why would I want to go to fucking Chelsea Flower Show? Apparently they rang up Pretty Green and asked them to design a gnome because Elton John, Rod Stewart and Ringo were doing one. Someone at Pretty Green went, 'Nah, that ain't fucking cool', but I actually think it's cool. I would've done one"

When asked what his gnome would look like? he said "It'd be a fucking rock'n'roll gnome man. It'd look like me. Nah, it'd look like our kid - same fucking size and everything."

The current issue of the NME is on sale now!


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