5 June 2013

Liam Gallagher On Nearly Dying After Eating A Peanut M&M

Liam Gallagher has been asked by the NME if the story he nearly died after eating a peanut M&M are true. 

The singer said 'That peanut, man, it nearly tipped me over the edge. It was a fucking blue one and all, the cheeky bastard. I had a fucking M&M and it felt like I'd been shot in the mouth. Head started feeling weird, throat started feeling weird. Carried on. Went to pick the kid up from school the next day, had one of them healthy fucking nutty bars and it happened again. Now I've got a peanut allergy and I've got to carry these stupid fucking needles around with me all the time. I've got to do all that, 'Is there any fucking nuts in this?' "

Questioned on how does it feel to be nearly taken out by a peanut? he said "Nutty. For two weeks I was walking round the house like Ozzy Osbourne, just totally fucking fucked ."

 The current issue of the NME is on sale now!


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