5 June 2013

Liam Gallagher On Riding A Dog In A London Pub

Liam Gallagher has been asked by the NME if the story that he rode a dog in a London pub is true.

The singer said "I don't know where that came from. It might have happened, but I'd like to see the evidence. They had a picture of me in the pub, so why didn't they have a picture of me riding a dog? You tell me. It made me laugh. Fucking nutters. Someone's tripping more than me."

Beady Eye member Andy Bell and Gem Archer say they suspect he did it, because he was copying the film Ted.

Liam Gallagher "Does he ride a dog in that? I've seen the film. I've actually got Ted the teddy bear. There's only a few of them been made, man."

When asked if Ted is his or the kids'? he said "I bought it with my fucking money man, so it's mine. I let them play with it. It's mega, you press its hand and it tells everyone to fuck off. I'm going to get it a flight case and bring it on tour with me. I'll take it on TV shows and say, 'Here's me new brother'."


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