5 June 2013

Liam Gallagher On Squaring Up To A Tramp Outside His House

Liam Gallagher has been asked by the NME if the story he squared up to a tramp for putting crutches in his bin are true.

The singer said "Right, the tramp dude, he's a busker and he's always outside my house. He presses the buzzer one day and he's gone, 'Liam, I've got this fucking tune, come and hear it'. So I've gone out me fucking way, and he's played 'Wonderwall'. I've gone, 'Yeah, fucking tune, I've heard that one a million times'. Then he's come back a couple of fucking weeks later, pressing the buzzer at four in the morning, smashing his guitars up outside my house, waking the kids up, dogs going and everything. So I've had a word with him and I've asked him to stop freaking me kids out and shit. Then I was putting out the fucking recycling one day and he's come up and he's thrown his fucking crutches in the bin."

When asked did he put it in the wrong bin? Liam said "No, in the main bin. And I said to the fucking geezer, 'Look man, you're being a cunt, stop being a fucking idiot'. I didn't hit him, I didn't have a fight with him, I just talked to him."

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