7 October 2013

New Book About The Early Years Of Oasis Is In Stores Later This Month

Inspired by classic British bands such as The Beatles, The Jam, The Stone Roses and The Sex Pistols, mixed with overseas influences like Neil Young and Burt Bacharach, these artists filled the ears of the band’s songwriter, Noel Gallagher, giving his songs and anthems the melodic edge that filled festivals, auditoriums and concert halls near and far.

The book features unseen photos and unheard stories as the authors Deabill and Snowball take the reader back to the nights of riotous gigs, Definitely Maybe, Oasis vs Blur, the mammoth-selling second album What’s The Story (Morning Glory) and how over an eighth of the UK’s population applied for tickets for the band’s record-breaking gigs at Knebworth.

About the book

Supersonic: Personal Situations With Oasis (1992–96) charts the Manchester band’s meteoric rise from the tiny venues of their hometown to playing to 250,000 people over two days in the Summer of 1996, as told by the fans and people who worked closely with the band during these formative years.

Headed by the brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, Oasis made guitars cool again, put attitude back in the charts and saw their music reach all four corners of the globe with swagger and style.

This is the real story of the early days of rock and roll’s last stand.

More details about the book can be found here.


Anonymous said...

excuse me Louise, where is the sample?

stopcryingyourheartout.com said...

I have added it, I forgot to add it this morning sorry.

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