12 March 2014

20 Years Of Gallagher Wit And Wisdom

Can it really be two decades since Oasis released their debut album? The music may not have always hit the same highs since, but Noel and Liam Gallagher have delivered some classic soundbites down the years. Here are some of their best...


“Liam’s the angriest man you’ll ever meet. He’s like a man with a fork in a world of soup.”

“To work with members of your family is pretty difficult. Especially when one of the members of your family is Liam Gallagher.”

“I remember him being furious that day (shooting the Whatever video) because it’s the one time I’ve been more drunk than he has.”


“The best bit about the early days was when our kid got chinned.”

“We get on better when we don’t see each other and don’t speak to each other.”

“His songs? They’re what gets me out of bed in the morning. He’s top. A fantastic songwriter. He’s the devil, isn’t he man?”


“Mumford and Sons look like they’ve all got nits. Bloc Party look like they belong on University Challenge.”

“Just because you sell lots of records doesn’t mean to say you’re any good. Look at Phil Collins.”

“I’m sure she (Florence and the Machine) is a nice girl... but she sounds like someone has stood on her foot.”


“For Michael Jackson to come over to this country and dress in a white robe thinking he’s the Messiah – I mean who does he think he is? Me?”

“Why is Posh Beckham writing a book of her memoirs? She can’t even chew gum and walk in a straight line at the same time, let alone write a book.”

“Wayne Rooney looks like a balloon with Weetabix crushed on top.”


“Are they hoping one of these guys from the G8 sees Annie Lennox singing Sweet Dreams (at Live8) and thinks, “She might have a point there, you know”?

“Politics is like football for me. Labour is my team and even if you don’t like a striker you don’t give up supporting the whole team.”

“I asked him (Tony Blair) how he managed to stay up all night for the election and he said, ‘Probably not by the same means you did.’”


“I was a superhero in the 90s. McCartney, Weller, Townsend, Richards... my first album’s better than all their first albums. Even they’d admit that.”

“If I knew how to write another Definitely Maybe, I’d do one every year. It astounds me that I wrote those songs.”

“I wanted the big hairdo, big shades, big car, big house, swimming pool, jet, a mirrored top hat and a chimp. All of it.”


“I stand in the queue at Waitrose. More rock stars should do that. The staff are really blase about me now. They’ll be like, ‘Him? Oh he’s in here all the time. And between me and you, he doesn’t eat very well.’”

“Without sounding arrogant, success fits my ego. I’d feel cheated without it.”

“Liam got a Rolex. I got a Rolls Royce. Which is brilliant, because I can’t drive and Liam can’t tell the time.”


“You can never predict what you’ll be doing in 20 years’ time, but I guess if everyone remains vaguely slim and hasn’t gone bald, then it’s on the cards. Forever.”

Source: www.yorkshireeveningpost.co.uk

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