3 March 2014

Noel Gallagher Is 'Starting To Believe In God' After Man City Success

Noel Gallagher said Manchester City's current form - and rivals Manchester United's struggles - is starting to make him believe in God ahead of the Capital One Cup final against Sunderland on Sunday.

Gallagher has been following City for over 40 years and claims he still can't believe the Citizens rise to prominence.

Indeed, City's rise coupled with Manchester United's struggles under David Moyes have given Gallagher reason to reconsider his religious views.

He said: "We'll never get used to this and we'll never get blaze about it.

"It's a great thing that's happened and none of us ever thought we would live to see the day that there was a thought that we could compete for any trophy, let alone all the trophies.

"It's just a wonderful thing and to cap it all off, this year United are rubbish.

"I take it as a message from God and if you're listening God, I am starting to believe."

Gallagher added that he was delighted to see Argentine forward Sergio Aguero back in the starting line-up to take on the Black Cats, saying: "We're easily a 20 per cent better fan when he's in the side."

And Gallagher also suggested he was enjoying City's style of play under Manuel Pellegrini after three years under Roberto Mancini.

He told BBC Five Live: "We played with an Italian manager for three years and now we have a Spanish mentality.

"When we played under Mark Hughes even though we had different players, we played with a British mentality. It's quite amazing."

Source: www.express.co.uk

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