15 May 2014

Paul Weller Says New Tracks By Noel Gallagher Are F***ing Great

Taken from an interview with Paul Weller from standard.co.uk read the full article here.

Does he think Noel Gallagher will hold the line and not yield to the increasing clamour for an Oasis reunion?

‘I would have thought so, wouldn’t you? He’s in a great place now. I love that High Flying Birds record,’ he enthuses of the elder Gallagher’s solo project. ‘I don’t want to speak out of turn, but he’s played me a couple of things from the next record and they’re f***ing great as well. He’s in a good creative place, so why would he do it? Well,’ he adds with a snort, ‘I know why people would do it — for money. That’s the bottom line.’

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