4 June 2014

Lars Ulrich Says Metallica Might Cover Oasis' 'Wonderwall' At Glastonbury

Metal band Metallica might be taking on Oasis' "Wonderwall," one of the most well known rock singles of all time, at the Glastonbury Festival.

This is only adding fuel to an already strong fire regarding the band being one of the main headliners at the popular musical festival. n a recent interview with The Guardian, Metallica's Lars Ulrich spoke about their headlining performance and that they might have to perform their own cover of the rock 'n' roll classic.

When asked about the groups reaction to suggestions that a metal headliner won't work at Glatsonbury, Ulrich referenced Jay Z's 2008 performance when Noel Gallagher claimed that wouldn't work as a headlining performance.

"Jay Z came out and played 'Wonderwall,' right? So maybe we gotta go out and do our rendition of 'Wonderwall.' We'll start with 'Wonderwall' and we'll take it from there. Ha ha, listen, you've just gotta go out and be yourself and be proud of what you're doing," Ulrich said.

Source: thecelebritycafe.com

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