2 July 2014

Oasis - Bonehead's Bank Holiday: Exclusive Stream

As part of the new Chasing the Sun series, here's a taster of Bonehead's intended Ringo moment, taken from the forthcoming (What's the Story) Morning Glory? re-release.

They may have sidestepped this year's Glastonbury, but the Oasis anniversary continues with the band's latest reissue: following the repackaged version of Definitely Maybe earlier this year, the second in the new Oasis: Chasing the Sun series is (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?, and will be released on 29 September on Big Brother Recordings, adorned with unheard demos, live recordings and B-sides.

Featured on disc 2 of the new reissue is Bonehead's Bank Holiday. First unveiled as a vinyl-only track on (What's the Story) Morning Glory and later issued as part of an NME Brat Pack '96 compilation cassette, the song was originally intended to be Bonehead's "Ringo" moment.

However, the story goes that the guitarist was too nervous to record his vocals so went to the pub with Liam, got extremely drunk and attempted to sing them again, somewhat unsuccessfully. The final version instead features Noel on vocals, and a lot of nonsensical pub diatribe.

Click here to listen to the track.

Source: www.theguardian.com

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