3 September 2014

Oasis' 20 Most Rock 'N' Roll B-Sides

Last weekend, Definitely Maybe celebrated its 20th anniversary. It's exactly two decades ago that the record was unleashed on the world by the Gallagher brothers.

We could have spent a couple of days writing about how important the album was for British music, how it changed lives, how it made an entire generation of youngsters pick up guitars and believe that they could be rock 'n' roll stars. But we're guessing everybody will be doing that and you already know it all.

Instead, we've compiled a definitive Top 20 ranking of Oasis's greatest ever B-sides. The B-side is pretty much dead these days, but they were an important part of what made Oasis special in 1994. They cared about giving value for money every time a fan forked out £3.99 at Our Price and they never dished out duff spare tracks.

While Noel and Liam probably regret giving away such stonking tunes on the back of singles rather than saving them for later albums, fans who bothered to head to the shops for every release were rewarded every time.

Click here to see the Definitive Top 20 Oasis B-sides of all time:

Source: www.digitalspy.co.uk

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