15 October 2014

Noel Gallagher Says Oasis Committed Festival Suicide At Glastonbury

Noel Gallagher fears his former band Oasis committed festival suicide at one of their biggest ever shows by playing a bunch of new songs the audience had never heard.

The band headlined Britain's Glastonbury festival in 1995 at the height of their fame, but the set was muted when they delivered six tracks from (What's the Story) Morning Glory? which hadn't yet been released.

Although the record was hailed as a classic upon its release three months later in October, 1995, the songs were unknown at the time, and Gallagher regrets opting to perform them at the prestigious festival.

"Oasis never really had their Glastonbury moment. We never really got on with it. I couldn't tell you why. Lord knows we had the tunes but the times that we did it when we should have been great was the first year we headlined it and we got sidetracked," he said.

"We'd just come out of the studio making Morning Glory and we decided, which was suicide, to play six tracks off Morning Glory which no one had heard, one of them being Champagne Supernova which goes on for about half an hour.

"It was the only time we've played Don't Look Back in Anger to silence. And by the time we played (Glastonbury) a second time (in 2004), our moment had passed. So I'd be up for doing it again."

However, Gallagher was quick to play down any suggestion he would reunite with Oasis for the event, insisting he only wants to perform at Glastonbury as a solo star at the request of festival boss Michael Eavis.

He adds, "Yes, if I was asked, yes. If you are listening Michael Eavis, I'll do it."

Source: Yahoo News

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