21 November 2014

Noel Gallagher Doesn't See The Appeal In Reforming Oasis

Noel Gallagher is a guest on The Jonathan Ross Show week’s show, and has been talking about Oasis and his pal Russell Brand.

“He is a very dear friend… He should stand in the election I think, his heart is in the right place but he does waffle on a bit you know...” he said.

He was also quizzed on whether he’ll ever get back with his former bandmates.

“Last time I interviewed you we were talking and I said ‘Would Oasis ever play again?’... You said ‘I’ll get back together with Oasis on the day you go work for the BBC again…’ Jonathan said to Noel.

“Now about three months ago, I did some work for Radio 2 again. They’ve asked me to do some more so… Are you a man of your word?”

Noel responded: “Does that mean I’ve got to reform a band?”

On a reunion with Oasis, Noel added: “I don’t see the appeal, I don’t see it, if I close my eyes, I don’t see it happening, that’s not to say that it never will but I’ve got a lot of things going on at the moment.”

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