20 November 2014

Noel Gallagher Reveals He Got Drunk Recording Gogglebox

British rocker Noel Gallagher has revealed he got drunk before filming a fundraising comedy skit because his supermodel co-stars Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell were so late.

The former Oasis star predicted his modelling mates would be late and so he made sure he had plenty of good alcohol to sup while he waited - and he overindulged.

He admits he was so intoxicated when he arrived home after filming, he had no idea what his wife was talking about when she asked how the skit, filmed for last month's (Oct14) U.K. Stand Up To Cancer telethon, went.

Gallagher tells Absolute Radio, "I told the woman (producer), 'I guarantee you, Naomi Campbell will not be here before midnight... You're an idiot... You'll be lucky if Kate gets here before three in the morning!' I got there on time... (and) they both rock up at 10 o'clock, so by that time I'm already drunk. We were supposed to finish filming at 10 o'clock... We got out at quarter to two."

But he insists he had a great time with his pretty pals: "It was one of the best nights."

Source: www.contactmusic.com

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