2 November 2014

Noel Gallagher Says Manchester City Will Never Be As Big A Brand As Manchester United

Manchester City's most famous fan has admitted that the blue half of Manchester may never be as big a club as their city rivals.

Former Oasis frontman Noel Gallagher also said that City shouldn't be expanding their stadium, as they can't even fill its current capacity.

Speaking before Sunday's Manchester derby, Gallagher told Gary Neville that City had changed for the better, but will never be able to rival United as a brand.

'When you started it went from a big club to a mega brand,' Gallagher said to Neville on Sky Sports. 'I don't think City can ever get that.'

'I'm not sure it's a good idea to boost that stadium to 60,000.Because, really, if we were going to get that there'd be 10,000 locked out the stadium every week. When you look at the games and go to the games, there are empty seats.'

However, the City fan also hit out at United supporters over their perceived hypocrisy about spending power.

'It's the hypocrisy I hate,' continued Gallagher. 'They've been slagging City off for years and as soon as the big bad wolf's out the door, it's raining tenners!'

City have been successful in the fixture in recent times, winning five of the last six Premier League meetings.
And with his team finishing a massive 22 points clear of United last season, it is perhaps justified that Gallagher said he would only want David de Gea at his club out of Louis van Gaal's squad.

'I'd take the goalie, straight away,' Gallagher conceded, before joking: 'He could carry Joe [Hart's] kit around, he's a good No 2.

Gallagher also couldn't resist goading Neville about City's first Premier League win over their rivals, when the United defender was at fault for a Shaun Goater goal.

The musician described it as one of his favourite derby memories, before adding that 'It was a special moment'.
'We all knew you were getting the hair-dryer the moment you got in that dressing room.'

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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