29 November 2014

Russell Brand Reveals That Noel Gallagher Uses The "Parklife" Meme To Mock Him

Russell Brand has revealed that Noel Gallagher uses the "Parklife" meme to mock him.

The 1994 single was used to mock Brand earlier this year after one Twitter user originally compared a long, impassioned passage from the comedian's book on revelation to the spoken word part of "Parklife" provided by actor Phil Daniels.

Appearing on "Alan Carr: Chattyman," in an episode that will air this evening (November 28), Brand reveals that as well as the public, even his friends use the joke to mock him.

"He [Gallagher] finishes his texts with it now," Brand says. "He'll go, 'Alright Russell, how's it going? ' then say something offensive about my hair or my private beliefs, and then go 'Parklife'. I secretly think, 'I remember when there was a race to be Number One and Blur won it against Oasis, so f--k you, in a time machine.'"

This is the latest occasion on which Noel Gallagher has poked fun at his friend, having more recently said that he believes the comedian's so called revolution "might be as short-lived as his acting career."

Source: www.ultimate-guitar.com

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