3 December 2014

Johnny Marr On Playing Live With Noel Gallagher

Taken from an interview with Johnny Marr from Entertainment Weekly, read the full article here.

EW: Your recent London show made headlines when Oasis’s Noel Gallagher joined you for The Smiths’ ‘How Soon is Now?’ and Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’. How fun was that?

JOHNNY MARR: That was a good moment. First off, it sounded really good. ‘Lust for Life’ with very loud guitars really gets you going! What Noel played on ‘How Soon is Now?’ was great. It reminded me of the sort of stuff I used to do, with all this echo. It was quite psychedelic.

How did the audience react?

Musically, it was a nice surprise and there was a really nice feeling in the place, because everyone knows Noel and I have been mates for a long time. It’s one of the perks of having your own band. Since The Messenger came out, I’ve had Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene, Billy Duffy from The Cult, Ronnie Wood, and [Smith’s bassist] Andy Rourke get up with me. Noel getting up was a real treat. We don’t do it too often, but if one of my friends is in town, we drag them out of the house and put them to work.

Source: music-mix.ew.com

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