26 January 2015

Noel Gallagher Offered Lifetime Supply Of Tennent’s Lager

Noel Gallagher has been offered a lifetime supply of Tennent’s Lager after the rocker declared his love for the drink during a night of partying in the Highlands.

The ex-Oasis star and his Scots wife Sara MacDonald joined pal Kate Moss and a host of other A-list celebrities to celebrate the 40th birthday of former supermodel Rose Ferguson with a Burns Supper at the Banffshire hotel on Saturday.

And yesterday morning Noel appeared at the doors of Craigellachie Hotel clutching a pint of Tennent’s Lager and declared: "I just stuck to the Tennent's Lager. It's the best beer in the world - I'd like a lifetime's supply".

The other guests managed to almost wipe out the hotel’s supply of whisky the night before.

Noel liked it so much, he even organised his own carry-out, taking home a pint when his chauffeured car picked him up at the end of the night.

In response, Tennent’s has now offered to set up a bar within the singer's home, opening a dedicated 'Live Forever' hotline for the singer so that deliveries can be made whenever he runs out.

Jane Cannon, Marketing Manager for Tennent's Lager said: "Some Might Say it's the ultimate rock and roll gift for Noel - his very own bar, which will always be fully stocked. We've nicknamed it the 'Lager Supernova' and I'm sure it will help to host more than a few epic parties once it's installed."

Last year, Katy Perry ordered crates of Tennent's Lager to be sent to her record label in LA.

Source: www.scotlandnow.dailyrecord.co.uk

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