18 January 2015

Noel Gallagher On Getting Asked The Same Questions In Interviews

Taken from a interview with Dutch magazine 'OOR' that is on sale now, thanks to General Dread for the translation.

If you live outside the Netherlands you can buy the magazine from here.

Interviewer: Will Oasis drive further apart or come back together

Noel: The ever returning question. Every time I’m done with one, the other comes. Maybe they have to, because otherwise you might not do your job properly. But I don’t get that journalists keep asking. I now get 10 questions a day, or sometimes 10 times per interview a question concerning a reunion. If I had news would I make it known through you? I don’t think so. I always thought and still find those questions pointless. Same goes with have you spoken to Liam? What’s your best song that you’ve ever written? What’s your ultimate supergroup? Mainly that last one is often asked by some dumb wit that thinks he has reinvented the wheel. I get those four every time and I fucking hate them. Next choice.

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