17 January 2015

Noel Gallagher Says More Than Enough Dance Influences On New Album 'Chasing Yesterday'

Taken from a interview with Dutch magazine 'OOR' that is on sale now, thanks to General Dread for the translation.

If you live outside the Netherlands you can buy the magazine from here.

Interviewer: Your music is becoming more danceable. Last time AKA What a Life took the lead, now I counted no more than three songs with a clear dance rhythm.

Noel: Oh yeah, more than enough dance influences. Not strictly dance, but the rhythms are clearly more diverse then they use to be. It can come from anywhere and can fit anything really. Look, I start every tune off on the acoustic guitar. Back in Oasis, three quarters of that had to be turned up to level stadium—that was the way it was. Now I’m fully in charge, even when it comes to producing the record. That was the first time by the way, nevertheless, I didn’t have to think about anyone other than myself and I didn’t have to listen to anyone. That went great. I take the bare bone tracks to the studio and then… magic happens! Take the Ballad of the Mighty I. Pure dance tune. For some time I’ve had a slower psychedelic version of that song with conga’s, very 1969. In in the back my mind I had the idea to make it lighter, a bassline played by my engineer Paul Stacey and a drum beat was added. They give it the needed energy. Then Johnny Marr did his thing and he really made a twisted disco tune. And knowing that no one can forbid me to make a dance tune and the fact that I was satisfied turned it into the cracker of the album. The first version of the song was great, the second even better. I was right. Again.

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