17 January 2015

Noel Gallagher Would Cut Off His Own Arm To Go To Space

Taken from a interview with Dutch magazine 'OOR' that is on sale now, thanks to General Dread for the translation.

If you live outside the Netherlands you can buy the magazine from here.

Interviewer: Planet earth or outer space?

Noel: Planet earth or outer space To live on this planet of course. There’s no there’s no other option, really. But personally I’d cut of my own arm to go to space. I believe it isn’t going that well with all the experiments and test flights that just drop out of the sky. Such a shame, because it’s one of my biggest wishes. If you see it in the grander scheme of things, throughout the ages there have been many, many billions of people on earth. And how many of them have seen their own earth from outer space? A dozen? A couple of hundred, perhaps? It is one of the most intriguing things you can have on your résumé. Next to the fact that it would be magnificent. Dangerous though, but in a good way. I’ve read books on the subject and the overall consensus is that you never really fully recover, so impressive that you can see it all in one glance. In one of those books 12 astronauts are interviewed and they’re still full of emotion about it. Still, after all those years, they still couldn’t comprehend what they had seen. I’d kill for such an experience. But that dream finds its way into my songs. Although those spacious influences and references are also inspired by David Bowie.

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