14 January 2015

Paul Weller Threatens Noel Gallagher If He Reforms Oasis They Won't Be Friends Any More

Noel Gallagher has been speaking about his friend and neighbour Paul Weller who threatens him that if he ever reformed Oasis they won't be friends anymore.

He told the current issue of the NME "He threatens me that if I ever go back in Oasis that'll be it between us. He's always say's 'You f*cking heard all these f*cking things about your f*cking reunion?, and I'm like 'yeah I know' and he goes 'You're not f*cking doing it?' and I'm like 'No', and he's going 'Good good good'.

He added "Basically, if Oasis ever did get back together, which is highly unlikely. I'd have to leave London and move back to Manchester. Because he'd put my windows in".

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