17 January 2015

What Oasis Album Does Noel Gallagher Prefer 'Definitely Maybe' Or 'Morning Glory?'

Taken from a interview with Dutch magazine 'OOR' that is on sale now, thanks to mimmihopps for the translation.

If you live outside the Netherlands you can buy the magazine from here.

Interviewer: Definitely Maybe or Morning Glory?

Noel: Definitely Maybe sounds better, better songs, better memories. Everything was new and it changed the world. Morning Glory still pays my bill, so I’m grateful about it too. Definitely Maybe made what we are now. (counts with his fingers again) Rock N Roll Star, Live Forever, Slide Away, Columbia, Bring It On Down, Cigarettes And Alcohol, Supersonic, all these songs on one debut album. Married With Children, Up In the Sky which aren’t “classic”, yet they still belong to our best. We have made something wonderful and yet more to come, back in those days.
We were born from almost nothing, we had nothing. And suddenly there was this debut album. Wow.

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