10 February 2015

Noel Gallagher Is Voting For 'A Stupid Party' Because 'Labour Are Worse Than Tories

Noel Gallagher has revealed he will be voting for a “stupid” party at the general election in May.

It’s a departure from his Labour voting ways when the 47-year-old famously backed Tony Blair in the 1997 election.

Noel, who was out with wife Sara MacDonald , tells us: “I’m not going to f****** vote in the election because they are all useless. David Cameron has no clue about what he’s talking about. Sometimes I think Labour are worse because I believed in them before in 1997.

“I’m just going to vote for someone who I have no idea about, some raving crazy party.”

Comedian Russell Brand, 39, would have been ideal if he had decided to run.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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