23 February 2015

Noel Gallagher On Brendan Rodgers, David Silva And More

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher was kept on a tight leash on his return to football punditry, but when asked for his opinion he added a unique edge to discussions.

The Manchester City fan, who has launched a solo career since quitting Oasis in 2009, praised the efforts of Brendan Rodgers, or 'The Brodge' as he called him, in turning Liverpool's season around.

Sitting between Jermaine Jenas and Mark Lawrenson, Gallagher said: "We thought the powers of The Brodge were waining, but he's turning it around."

"They're winning games without [Steven] Gerrard now. We need them to keep United out of the top four as City fans."

Having appeared on Football Focus in 2012, Gallagher kept his normally colourful language under check, and added his opinions little by little.

On the topic of trialling tighter monitoring of diving, he said: "Where do you start, where do you stop?"

"The way managers are digging referees out, if you were thinking about becoming a referee you would think 'why would I bother?'."

"The referee [in the Spurs game] was particularly psychedelic, but managers have to carry the can somewhere. [The referees] are only human."

Some fans took to Twitter to express their outrage that Gallagher was invited onto BBC Two's late-night programme, and presenter Mark Chapman was quick to highlight he was there to offer the fans' view.

It was not long before he was given a lengthy spell of air time to discuss Manchester City's title race and Champions League chances.

Ahead of their game against Newcastle United on Saturday, Gallagher had said: "If we'd kept a few more clean sheets we'd be up there. I don't think Chelsea are that special, they're just consistent and we're annoyingly inconsistent.

"We've closed the gap, but I still see Chelsea getting over the line by the odd two or three points."

He went on to discuss David Silva, his favourite City player, saying: "I find it incredible that he's at our club, he's just so low-key, doesn't do interviews. He's an old-school footballer. He's not fouled a lot because you can't get near him.

"He's a wizard, I love him."

When asked by Chapman whether he wanted City to win the Premier League or Champions League more, Gallagher said: "I'd like to win the Premier League more. To win that over 38 games is something else.

"We keep getting these horrible draws [in the Champions League]. We'll get there in the end."

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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