22 February 2015

Noel Gallagher On Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, Bono And Neil Young

Noel Gallagher has been speaking to The Sun about his friendship with Johnny Marr, Paul Weller And Bono.

He said “The two of us like to f*****g talk for England,” he says. “When Johnny left our session, my engineer collapsed, exhausted from listening to us.I just can’t cope with you both talking and talking.’ I’d seen him the week before, too".

He Added “But I never get fazed with him or Paul Weller or any other hero of mine I now know. Even meeting Neil Young, who is a superhero to me, was disarming. Then you’ve got my mate Bono, who is such a brilliant comedian. And compassionate. He is probably the one rock star who puts his heart where his mouth is. These people have nothing to prove and are themselves.”

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