22 February 2015

Noel Gallagher On Oasis And Being The Greatest Dad In The World

This is the video I posted yesterday in French that has been translated by oasisnotizie, Noel Gallagher talks about Oasis and being 'the greatest dad in the world'.

"I could list 20 things that I miss about Oasis. I could list another 50 things that I don't miss, so I'm not as much as an arsehole to just dismiss that as 'you know, that was the past'. No, Oasis were f*cking brilliant and I was part of it and my part in it was brilliant and I loved it, but it's over, you know, that's it".

"We had no money, we had no jobs, we had nowhere to go, fucking nothing to do, except fucking finding a way to buy drugs and surviving. We went to football matches and chasing girls and somehow we all still remained fascinated with the world. And it was a better place to grow up, no phones, no cameras, no Internet, f*ck all. You just had you and whatever you were gonna make of your life it was down to you".

"(My private life) is f*cking great, is f*cking amazing. You'd love to be one of my kids. I take them to nice school, I buy them nice clothes, I'm a fucking great dad. Do you know why I know I am a great dad? Because I've got a plaque at home that says 'the greatest dad in the world' ...".


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