26 February 2015

Noel Gallagher On Oasis Reforming

Noel Gallagher has been speaking about reforming Oasis .

In an interview with the Manchester Evening News he said he’d do it “in the morning, if somebody puts half a billion pounds in my bank account. That’s not million; billion. Sterling. I’m there.”

He admitted he's enjoying his solo carear “When you’re writing lyrics for someone else to sing, it can be a bit tricky - particularly with Liam because you’d show him lyrics for a song and he’d go, ‘Is this about your ******* bird?’,” .

“I’d be like, ‘Let’s have a look ... erm, no. Just pretend it’s about your bird’. Now, with the songs I write, I’m free to get as personal or vague or existential as I like. I’m not a slave to anyone.”

An extended interview with Noel is in the latest edition of CityLife, inside Friday's M.E.N.

Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds are playing Manchester Arena on March 9. Tickets are still on sale, priced £35-£70.

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