4 March 2015

Johnny Marr On The Black Les Paul He Gave Noel Gallagher

Johnny Marr has been asked in an interview with musicradar.com is there a guitar he regrets letting go?.

He said "[Laughs] That's a tricky one. Noel Gallagher's got my black Les Paul that I used on the album The Queen Is Dead. But he's a good boy, so I'll let it go. There's another answer to the Noel thing: I was drinking a lot in those days! But I like to help other musicians out.

"I know that I got a lot of helping hands when I was starting out. Some people were very generous to me; without them, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am. What goes around comes around. With Noel, the guitars went to a really good home. He wrote some great stuff with them, so it all worked out.

"I've given quite a few away over the years. I gave one to Chrissie Hynde, and Bernard Butler has my ES-335 12-string that I used on Strangeways, Here We Come and with the Talking Heads. I've given [The The singer- songwriter] Matt Johnson a guitar, too.

"I've been very happy to hang out with the Radiohead guys, and I loaned them guitars for In Rainbows. You recognise kindred spirits. I'm proud of that kind of thing."

Read the full interview here.

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