5 March 2015

Kathryn Thomas: 'I Was Completely Humiliated When Noel Gallagher Had No Idea Who I Was'

Kathryn Thomas has revealed Brendan O’Connor left her completely mortified when he asked Noel Gallagher who she was on The Saturday Night Show.

The Winning Streak star was a guest on the RTE series on the same night as Noel – however the Oasis frontman was not too familiar with who she was.

“Waiting backstage, I couldn’t believe my ears when he asked Noel Gallagher; ‘What would you do if I told you Kathryn Thomas was coming on next?’” Kathryn said.

“In his droll Mancunian manner, Noel drawled: ‘I’d say, who on earth is that?!’”

The TV star admitted in her Daily Star column the snub left her feeling completely “humiliated”.

“Cue yours truly, arriving out to the audience red faced but laughing.”

“Although it galls me to say it, I thought Brendan’s intro was hilarious,” she admitted.
“Embarrassing yes, and a tad humiliating, absolutely.”

The cringe worthy moment was made even worse by the fact that Kathyrn is a massive Oasis fan.

“I was the biggest Oasis fan back in those late 1990s, a glorious music era.”

“Behind the scenes on Brendan’s show, I made it my business to introduce myself to Mr Grouchy Mancunian eyebrows before departing Donnybrook.”

“And I am still glad that I did so,” she added.

Source: www.goss.ie

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