17 March 2015

Looking Back In Anger: 101 Things Noel Gallagher Has Been Mad At

Noel Gallagher is an easy target, if only because he gleefully takes aim at just about everything in his sights. In recent years, he's pointed his abrasive Mancunian accent at Jay Z, The X Factor and, most famously, his own brother, Oasis frontman Liam.

Scroll through enough of his soundbites and it'll dawn on you like a champagne supernova: This isn't a schtick. But taken as a whole, the following collection also reveals a sensitivity that belies much of Gallagher's couldn't-give-a-fook bravado.

He cuts himself down nearly as often as he does others, and he congratulates those of his victims who show they're in on the joke.

Decades of bad behavior have prompted public apologies and begged the question, why do we keep asking Noel Gallagher what he thinks?

But the answer is simple: Because unlike so many others in the industry he loves to cut down, he remains totally honest.

Click here to see the 101 things.

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