9 March 2015

Noel Gallagher On 'The First Time' On BBC Radio 6 Music This Sunday

BBC Radio 6 Music
Sunday 15th March at 13:00 (UK Time)
Listen live here.

Everyone knows the story. As the creative force behind Oasis, Noel Gallagher changed the face of British music. Their sound and his songs swept the nation up in their wake and helped inspire a whole genre, but will far outlive the world of Britpop that they helped define.

Now, as he prepares to release his second solo album Chasing Yesterday, Noel sits down for a special interview with Matt Everitt to kick off the new season of The First Time. Here Noel talks about his very first exposure to music (Country and Irish bands like Dermot Hegarty and Big Tom and The Mainliners as it happens) and how the anthems of the football terraces inspired his childhood.

He also chats about the impact of The Sex Pistols, The Dammed, Leo Sayer (honestly) and his passion for the holy trinity of The Smiths, The Stone Roses and The Jam (and he may well mention The Beatles)

He also looks back on the very first Oasis rehearsal ("Mindblowing") and gig ("Great"), the difficult birth of their debut album Definitely Maybe and the all important issues of what length your guitar strap should be. There's also his memories of meeting Paul McCartney (they shared a meditation bubble), what it's like becoming so famous that when you get a haircut it ends up on the front pages of the tabloids ("the whole business is one huge joke") as well as his realization that Oasis had come to the end of the road and his feelings about stepping up to become a solo artist.

And, as you would expect, he's as charismatic, honest and funny as ever.

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