9 March 2015

Noel Gallagher On Playing Obscure Oasis B-Sides And T In The Park

Noel has told XFM that he's playing less Oasis songs in his live sets now, admitting that "there's no point trying to be clever about this".

Noel Gallagher has promised to play "the big tunes" at his live shows, in favour of "obscure Oasis b-sides" that his newer fans won't recognise. "I've done enough gigs to know. There's no point trying to be clever about this," Noel told XFM's Jim Gellatly.

"Playing obscure Oasis b-sides - although they're great and I love them - there's like 11 people dotted around the arena going berserk. And there's 8901 people kind of just thinking: what's this?"

"If I go see Neil Young...I want him to play the bangers, do you know what I mean?...I want him to play the big tunes."

Noel also praised the line-up for T In The Park, where he'll headline alongside Kasabian and The Libertines.

"I looked at the bill for T In The Park and I would probably say out of all the festival bills I've seen, they've smashed it this year. They've got the Libertines, Kasabian and The Prodigy and dare I say it, myself on the same weekend is no mean feat.

"It's always great to gig in Scotland, no matter where it is...I'll bring my wellies and my tartan umbrella."

And Noel thinks that closing out the festival will bring its own joys - like reducing grown men to tears.

"I'm closing it aren't I? Sunday night...there's going to be some casualties there during The Masterplan."

Listen to the interview here.

Source: www.xfm.co.uk

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