28 March 2015

Noel Gallagher Says James Blunt is F*cking Rubbish

Noel Gallagher has responded to James Blunt's claims that people in the music industry tried to get him to change his accent so he sounded less posh.

He told Loaded “Posh people are alright. I have a lot of posh friends. But James Blunt doesn't get people’s backs up because he’s posh, it’s because he’s fucking shit.“What held him back is the fact he’s fucking rubbish. That’s shit about his accent, he sings in an American accent anyway. I don’t think there are too many posh people in the arts - I don’t think there’s enough working class in the charts.”

Noel also has no desire to be on social media.“It’s not for me, he says. “I have an Instagram account that I’ll be doing on tour. I do a tour blog as well for the website but nobody needs to know what colour socks I'm wearing or what I'm having for breakfast. For me, there’s not enough mystery in the world.

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