2 April 2015

Amorphous Androgynous On Working With Noel Gallagher

We spent two years working on what was supposed to be the solo album with Noel. I could — and probably will — write a book about those two years. The sheer scale of the creative process we embarked on, coupled with the covert goings-on which ultimately led to its destiny as a “lost album” are mind-blowing to this day, but at least makes for a truly great rock ‘n’ roll story.

He still fascinates me. He’s a great untapped source. The only thing holding him back is himself. He constantly talks about how he’s “long accepted his limitations” but I don’t really believe that. Go and listen to The Right Stuff and Shoot a Hole Into The Sun, both co-written and produced with us. Although it’s not the best material we worked on together, in my opinion, they prove quite clearly that when he lets his hair down he can write in a completely different way. If he placed more faith and trust in himself, Noel could reap magic.

I never had any doubt, simply because he’s a lot more talented than I, and I’ve never stopped having fun and exploring my own limited talents. At the end of the day, I always want people to be the best possible version of themselves and try and encourage that expansion.

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Source: musicfeeds.com.au

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