26 May 2015

Noel Gallagher's Sick Of Being Mistaken For Brother Liam

When you've had very public spats with a sibling, being mistaken for them won't go down well.

And that's Liam Gallagher's beef. No, sorry, we meant Noel. Definitely Noel.

The High Flying Birds front man says he's "sick" of people on public transport mistaking him for Liam.

While currently touring in the States, according to Bang Showbiz, during an interview with reporters he revealed his annoyance at being mistaken for his brother.

"Particularly on the tube. I get the guy down the end of the carriage who is looking above the throng of people and you're like, 'Ohh no, he's going to do it'.

"And he'll just go 'LIAM! Yes man! Liam!' And it's just like, hell."

The pair were part of the Britpop band Oasis (in case you didn't know). The band split back in 2009 and since then, Noel has declared that he "could never forgive" Liam for walking out while the band were touring.

"Up until 2009 there would be countless gigs where, three songs in, he would just pop his headphones on and get off.

"You would be doing a guitar solo and you would get to the end of the song, and he has obviously gone back to fix his sunglasses."

The 47-year-old added, "It would be like, 'Where has Liam gone?' And it would be, 'He has gone off, he has got a sore throat'.

"You would have to go out and say in English to a load of perplexed Japanese people, 'I know you don't understand what I am saying, but the singer has gone off, so I am going to sing the rest of the songs'. I could never forgive him for that, ever."

Speculation about an Oasis reunion was rife after Liam tweeted a load of cryptic messages last year, but Noel has ruled out any chance of that ever happening.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk

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