19 July 2015

Noel Gallagher On His Wife Sara, Oasis, Liam, Tony Blair And More

Smitten rocker Noel Gallagher has revealed how he fell in love with wife Sara MacDonald at first sight.

On an edition of Desert Island Discs aired today, the Oasis star chooses Be My Baby by The Ronettes – the song for the ­couple’s first dance at their ­wedding in 2011.

He tells the Radio 4 show’s host Kirsty Young that his wife is “everything to me” and reveals she keeps him in check with straight-talking.

He said: “She calls a spade a spade as well. When I am ­working on music or writing songs and I do demos, she’s the last person I play them to because I can play her a song and go ,‘I think this is going to be an amazing tune’ and she’ll listen to it and go, ‘Hmm, it’s all right’.

“You know, I never believed in love at first sight or that soulmate thing until I met her.”

The couple, who have two young sons – Noel also has a daughter from his first marriage – have been together since meeting at a nightclub in Ibiza in 2000.

And Sara, who comes from ­Edinburgh, was watching Noel headline at T in the Park last week with his band High Flying Birds.

On the show – where guests choose the music they would take to a desert island – Noel also talks about his ­turbulent relationship with his estranged brother Liam, the singer with Oasis, whose hits included Wonderwall and Live Forever.

He describes how having a family member in the band became an Achilles heel because “you know how to push each other’s buttons” and reveals they never put an arm round each other’s shoulders.
He said: “Oh, no. We were never that kind of family. No, no, no. There’s no arms round each other saying, ‘You’re great – no, you’re great.’

“The way it worked was when we’re not slagging each other off, that’s when we’re telling each other that we loved each other. That’s it.”

Noel also revealed he has no regrets about meeting Tony Blair in Downing Street at the height of Cool Britannia.

Oasis were one of the biggest bands in the world when he attended the party following Blair’s landslide general election victory in 1997.

They gave celebrity backing to the PM and New Labour but the singer and songwriter says he couldn’t believe he and Scots record boss Alan McGee – who famously signed the band after seeing them play at King Tut’s in Glasgow – were even there.

He added: “I’d moved to London in 1994, three years earlier, with a holdall, an acoustic guitar, nothing.

“Three years later, I drove to No10 Downing Street in a Rolls- Royce, drinking ­champagne. We laughed all the way up there, me and Alan McGee.

“He’d worked at British Rail most of his life and we were laughing, going, ‘How did we get here? This is amazing.’

“Afterwards, you find out that, yes, they did want that ­photograph. So, you know, we helped usher in Labour. You’re welcome, all of you. They were great days.”

Noel, 48, also reveals his love of the era. He said: “What people are refusing to accept is the 90s were brilliant. If you think back now to that time of fashion and ­politics, Thatcherism being ­ushered out, New Labour being ushered in, and Oasis, Blur, Pulp and all those bands being in the top five all the time.”

The star’s song choices include Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols and With or Without You by U2.
He also reveals that only now Oasis are finished can he give his verdict on the band.

He said: “On our day, we were great. It’s reaffirmed every night I go on stage and play a couple of Oasis tunes and people are there who weren’t even born [when they were written] and they’re crying.
“All over the world, people still are in massive love with that band and none more so than me.”

Source: www.dailyrecord.co.uk

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