29 July 2015

Video: Liam Gallagher Performs In a Irish Pub

Liam Gallagher performed an unknown song during an impromptu set last Sunday (July 26) at a pub in Charlestown, Co Mayo, on the west coast of Ireland.

The former Oasis frontman surprised punters at JJ Finan's pub on Sunday afternoon by joining local musicians in the bar where he played a few songs on his guitar. Footage of the gig has subsequently emerged online.

Gallagher performed what appeared to be a new song, which included the lyrics "Yes I know, I've been wrong/ Didn't do what I was told/ Yes I know I've been wrong/ Didn't do what I was told/ I ain't looking for no 9-5/ Sick of wasting all my precious time/ Cos it's alright /Cos it's alright now".

The song – which can be watched below - also appears to include a reference to brother Noel Gallagher’s latest solo album, 'Chasing Yesterday', with the lyric, "When I wake up and I hear you say/ There's no love worth chasing yesterday".

Reports earlier this year had suggested that Liam is working on his debut solo album, but these were subsequently dismissed by a spokesperson for the singer.

Watch footage of the performance below.

Source: www.nme.com

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Sean King said...

I like the sound of it all. First bit reminds me a bit of 2005 Oasis b-side "Pass Me Down The Wine." 2nd tune starts out a bit like U2's "One."

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