15 July 2015

Video: Noel Gallagher Slays A Heckler In Cork

Much like being in the front-row at a comedy gig, there's a certain set of rules when it comes to being in the pit at a concert.

Stay on your feet, avoid crushing the people around you and try not to antagonise the lead singer of the band are just a few of them but it seems that this concert goer in Cork didn't take heed of this advice.

I'm a massive fan of Noel Gallagher because the former Oasis guitarist always speaks his mind and doesn't give a s**t about anyone else, something that he's frequently done when speaking about his brother Liam.

Noel was playing with his band The High Flying Birds last night at the Marque in Cork and one fan asked him to play the Oasis hit 'The Importance of Being Idle'.

Noel replied by saying that he doesn't play that song anymore but the fan continued with his line of questioning by cheekily asking him 'where's Liam?'.

Source: www.joe.ie

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