2 August 2015

Noel Gallagher: I Don't Want My Kids To Be Like Me

The ex-Oasis man says he'll let his kids have whatever they want – while his brother Liam turned up in an Irish pub to give his new songs an airing.

Noel Gallagher is never shy of an opinion when it comes to family politics.

But, after years of colourful rants on his pet subject sibling rivalry, I’m pleased to bring you part 2 in the Oasis legend’s life lessons: parenting.

As one of the most recognisable rock stars on the planet, you might think Britpop guitar hero Noel would agonise over ways to keep his brood grounded... Er, not so.

The straight-talking father of Anaïs, 15, Donovan, seven, and Sonny, four, said: “My kids have got a f***ing amazing childhood.

“Just because I didn’t have any f***ing money to speak of until I was 26, I’m not going to deny them private school, nice clothes, ­holidays, cars and all that s***. I would have to be a f***ing a***hole to toughen the kids up and all that.

“I want them to be smart intelligent guys. I don’t want them to be scruffy oiks from a council estate. I don’t want them to be like me. I want to be the only me in my house and I want them to be them.”

Noel, 48, grew up in a one-parent family in Manchester, so doesn’t he want to share his tough coming-of-age tales? And what about a plane ticket in economy class as a learning curve for the rich kids?

“What would I say, ‘You’ve got to f***ing sit in coach, it’ll be good for you’? Who wants to live in reality? That is clearly f***ing nonsense.

“I will never preach to them about the value of money and, ‘Well, when I was growing up, we never had all this s***’ – f***ing so what?

“Who wants to sound like a parent? When we were growing up, what was the first thing our parents said? ‘What about the war?’ Oh f***ing hell, I wasn’t born! I don’t give a f***.

“‘Things were tough in the war.’ I don’t give a f*** about the war. I don’t give a f*** about Winston Churchill or Adolf Hitler or any of those idiots – they ruined the world.

“Don’t saddle me with that sh**. I just wanted to talk about The Beatles.”

Wish you were my f***ing dad, Noel – and the swear jar would be as full as my wallet.

Meanwhile, Noel's brother Liam aired his new songs in a humble Irish pub.

Liam joined local musos in a bar to play his fresh material on an acoustic guitar, singing in one ditty: “Yes I know, I’ve been wrong, Didn’t do what I was told, Yes I know I’ve been wrong...”

With a reputation like Liam’s, it’s difficult to tell who he’s apologising to but girlfriend Debbie Gwyther may be all ears.

One punter said: “That man is full of regrets. You can see it all over his face and in his music.”

Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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