23 September 2015

Kelly Jones On Not inviting Noel Gallagher To His 'Phenomenal' Wedding

Kelly Jones was on the The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X this morning.

The Stereophonics frontman talked about Noel Gallagher not being invited to Kelly's wedding. Speakers:

CM ' Chris Moyles
KJ ' Kelly Jones

CM: How was the wedding? I wasn't invited so I wasn't there.

KJ: The wedding was good you should have been there. I didn't know where you were. I thought you were dead.

CM: I wasn't dead! That's terrible. Noel Gallagher was in on Monday and we were talking about you. I went 'Did you go to Kelly's wedding?' He went 'No, I don't know if I was invited!' I went 'Are you sure, because I would imagine you were invited!'

KJ: You can invite Noel to many things but he doesn't often turn up.

CM: I have friends of mine who were there and they told me it was a phenomenal wedding.

KJ: I was on tour at the time, so I didn't actually have a lot to do with organising it.

CM: I'm not going to let this go. It was either you or Jackie, you had nothing to do with it, so you're saying the reason I wasn't invited was Jackie.

KJ: We didn't know where you were.

CM: It's not like I joined the army, its not like I disappeared

KJ: You just disappeared off the face of the earth, I thought you were in America, I didn't know where you'd gone mate. Where did you go? Where have you been?

Source: www.music-news.com

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Jonathan Healey said...

He's a nasty careerist imbecile Kelly Jones. No wonder Stuart Cable wanted to leave the band.

He should of taught himself guitar made his own record and showed Kelly Jones how it was done.

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