23 October 2015

10 Things We Wouldn't Have If Oasis Were Never Signed

It's 22 years since Oasis first penned that legendary deal with Creation Records. Little did they know it was history in the making, although with their egos - they probably knew exactly what they were letting themselves in for.

For just a £40,000 advance, the Gallagher's and co inked a deal for six albums with Alan McGee and his rag-tag band of visionaries. They would go on to headline festivals, fill stadiums, shift millions of albums, provide the soundtrack of a generation and define an entire era of music. But there's much more to their legacy than the music.

To mark 20 years since Oasis first signed, here are 10 things that probably wouldn't exist if it weren't for Oasis - from haircuts and to headlines, Coldplay to The Killers and the childhoods of Alex Turner and Pete Doherty...

Click here for the 10 things.

Source: www.gigwise.com

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