22 October 2015

Noel Gallagher Complains He's Been Cut From Russell Brand Film 'Second Coming'

Noel Gallagher makes some typically acerbic asides as part of his contribution to the forthcoming documentary about his friend, Russell Brand, but now the Flying Birds frontman is complaining that he's been cut from the film.

Noel, who has contributed to 'Russell Brand: Second Coming' following Russell's transformation from Hollywood aspiring film star to London-based activist and author, told Metro earlier this week, "I'm assuming my bit is the best thing in it, which is why they cut it. I won't be going to see it."

However, the High Flying Birds frontman has got it wrong, with his bon mots on his friend's brief marriage to pop star Katy Perry remaining, as he says, remaining very much part of the film. And, as our clip reveals, some of his best lines have not been forgotten...

Noel, who used to appear regularly on Russell's radio show when he was still employed by the BBC, tells a story from when the comedian was freshly married to Katy, and phoned him, asking for advice on what to do if he and his new bride wanted to watch different channels on television.

The film's director Ondi Timoner followed Russell for the best part of two years, as he gave up his Hollywood life in search of something more meaningful, a journey that brought him back to London, to the corridors of Westminster, the streets of East London and into confrontation on 'Newsnight' as he shared his own history with drugs to campaign for decriminalisation, and then spoke about the need for revolution of the political process.

Click here to watch the clip.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.co.uk

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