7 December 2015

Review: Noel Gallagher In Lincoln

It's not every day Noel Gallagher comes to Lincoln.

The former Oasis star, famous for his short-temper and rocky relationship with his younger brother, is a British music icon.

He's penned some of the nation's favourite songs, performed to hundreds of thousands of people across the world and scooped the industry's top prizes.

Yet here he was, sat no more than 50 feet away from me playing a small intimate gig to 200 people at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln.

In short – I had to pinch myself.

Of course my night started long before the show kicked off as I mingled among excited competition winners – "would he play Wonderwall" or "would someone mention Liam" (thankfully no one did) many asked.

There was not only a feeling of excitement in the air but a sense of the unknown.

Many were self-confessed Oasis fans with more knowledge of his back catalogue than anything he had done in recent years, myself included.

My colleague and I were quickly shown backstage to get our papers signed.

No one paid any attention to us, including members of Noel's group The High Flying Birds - to say I felt uncomfortable would be an understatement.

It didn't get any better as I was ushered through a door and told to keep my voice down– it turns out Noel was in the room chatting with organisers, Lincs FM.

As I walked past I couldn't help but stare (I'll never get another chance, right?).

He glanced over before carrying on his conversation – I felt cool for a moment, if only briefly, before being shown out of the room.

Fast-forward another hour and he took to the stage greeted by rapturous applause.

What followed was a stellar gig packed full of new songs I didn't know and old classics I've been humming for the last decade.

The Importance of being Idle, Don't Look Back in Anger and yes, Wonderwall, were all performed with confidence and more passion than you'd expect from a 48-year-old who has been doing it for years.

He wasn't stingy with time either, performing more than a dozen songs before he finally left the stage leaving the 200-strong crowd on their feet.

His trademark attitude was also on full display.

He regularly reminded us that it was a free gig and we should be grateful for his time, told us he didn't know where Lincolnshire was before he arrived and jokingly said our Christmas market was naff.

However, the jokes and put downs were all doled out in such a brutally frank fashion you couldn't help but love it.

Everyone at the event knew this was a one-time thing – that Noel might not ever play such a small venue again.

After all, this was a star still at the top of his game, not a once prized race horse stumbling towards retirement.

As I listened to Wonderwall (with my colleague singing into my face) I couldn't help but be impressed.

I still can't say I am his biggest fan but Noel Gallagher has convinced me he's still got it.

Who needs Liam?

Source: www.lincolnshireecho.co.uk


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