28 February 2016

Liam Gallagher Tweets Praise For Richard Ashcroft But Says Noel Is 'Still A C**k'

Former Oasis wildman Liam got out of the wrong side of his bed this morning and Noel bore the brunt.

Liam Gallagher has had an eventful morning on Twitter paying tribute to rock pal Richard Ashcroft and calling big brother Noel a C-word.

Liam's Twitter was in meltdown on Brits night as he bemoaned the state of some of the acts (fair comment our kid).

He tweeted: "Music in the UK has been abducted by massive c**ks. The end. LG x."

He added: "Thank f*** I got out when I got out out. LG."

This morning he turned his attentions to Verve front man Richard Ashcroft who was presumably on the radio.

He then tweeted Verve lyrics like "I hope you understand, I've got a love that never dies" from their smash hit Lucky man.

But just when you think Liam was all benevolent to his fellow man he tweeted "pass the wine."

And again.

Before addressing his brother Noel (we're assuming it wasn't addressed to Paul Gallagher) as he informed his sibling he was "still a c**k bruv."

We're glad to see the Brothers Gallagher are still as close as ever after all these years.

Source: www.mirror.co.uk


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